Key Information for Learners

Key information for learner enrolment

Welcome to The Trafford College Group, where we are committed to providing you with an excellent start to your learning journey. This guide aims to assist you in preparing for a smooth enrolment process. Within this guide, you will discover instructions on how to apply for an online bursary, valuable information regarding transportation options such as buses, and insightful answers to frequently asked questions.

We are genuinely thrilled that you have chosen to be a part of our college community and eagerly anticipate your arrival.

Enrolment Dates

Below you will see the dates for our remaining enrolment sessions and we encourage you to attend the college so that we can process your enrolment in time for your course start date.

We also recognise though that your personal circumstances might change and we’re here to help. For example, you might decide that the course or even the college you have chosen is no longer right for you and you would like to talk to us about this. Simply call in to the college on one the dates listed below and we’ll be happy to find the course that’s right for you.

Monday 18th September

4pm - 7pm

Adult Enrolment