Developing Sewing Skills

Level 1 Diploma

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Cheadle College


Cheadle College

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Art & Design

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Monday 19th February 2024

Course Duration

Part-time, 18 Weeks

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10:00 - 12:30

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£ 95.00
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Course Overview

This course is designed for people who have a basic knowledge of sewing, but would like to improve their skills and explore creativity and design in more depth.

This course help you to improve your practical skills that can save you money by allowing you to mend and alter clothing instead of replacing or discarding it. This can contribute to sustainability and reduce clothing waste. Learning to sew allows you to express your creativity and individuality. You can personalise your clothing, accessories, and home decor items to reflect your unique style. It can be a calming and meditative activity that reduces stress and promotes relaxation. Sewing classes can be a great way to meet like-minded people and engage with a creative community. Choose your own project and learn at your own pace.

You will learn how to use your own machine and sewing equipment for more detailed and complex techniques and designs.

Please be informed that participants are required to have a sewing box containing essential equipment. Additionally, each participant is responsible for bringing their own sewing machine to the class.

The course will accommodate varied abilities, including beginners.

Course Requirements

Participants are not required to possess any previous knowledge or expertise. We welcome individuals with a genuine enthusiasm for the subject and a willingness to actively engage and contribute. Completions of the Sewing for Beginners course is desirable but not essential.

What you will Learn

Students will be able to develop their sewing skills to coduct more advanced sewing projects, including how to operate a sewing machine, hand-sew, and understand essential sewing terminology. Also, how to read patterns, make clothes, craft and household items.


There is no formal assessment


Upon successful completion of the course students may wish to progress to the advanced sewing course to develop their skills further.

A variety of leisure and community courses are offered for your enrollment, including but not limited to:
Hair and Media Make-up
Health and Social Care
Art and Design
Childcare and Education
Digital Skills
Hospitality and Catering

Career Options

Completing a sewing course can be the first step towards a range of career options in the fashion, textile, and design industries, or it can simply serve as a foundation for a fulfilling hobby. Here are some potential career paths and opportunities after completing a sewing course:

Fashion Designer: With further education and experience, you can become a fashion designer. You’ll create your own clothing lines and fashion collections.

Tailor or Seamstress: Offer clothing alteration and tailoring services to individuals or businesses.

Dressmaker: Specialize in creating custom-made dresses and garments for clients, such as wedding dresses and formalwear.

Textile Artist: Create textile art pieces, such as quilts, tapestries, and wall hangings, using sewing techniques.

Fashion Blogger or Influencer: Share your sewing projects, tips, and fashion insights on a blog or social media. You can generate income through sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

Fashion Blogger or Influencer: Share your sewing projects, tips, and fashion insights on a blog or social media. You can generate income through sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

Fashion Merchandiser: Work on the business side of the fashion industry, overseeing the buying and marketing of clothing and accessories.

Remember that your success in these career options will often depend on your dedication, continuing education, building a portfolio, and gaining practical experience. Networking with professionals in the industry can also open doors to job opportunities.

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There are no mandatory units

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For further information please contact T: 0161 886 7070 or E:

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Although every care has been taken to ensure that the information contained within this document is accurate, there may be changes to this programme and provision. We will endeavour to keep prospective and current students updated where appropriate and when the information becomes available.
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